Work Your Wardrobe (as well as the kids wardrobe)

A commonly heard frustration when Clutterfly visits a home, is that the kids pull apart the entire wardrobe when they are looking for a single item of clothing. So not only are mums having to reorganise the kids wardrobe over and over, they also feel the constant need to declutter.

Do you agree that it’s devastating to see the effort of folding and putting away the clean laundry go to waste when the clothes just end up in a heap on the floor?

It’s National Organising Week and to celebrate, our AAPO professional organisers excited to share our ‘Work your Wardrobe’ video series of tips through In the meantime here are 3 tops tips to get the kids wardrobe in shape.

Follow these 3 top tips to help make your life a bit easier by giving the kids a helping hand in finding their clothes – minus the ‘hurricane effect’.

1. Separate out clothing into categories – one category per drawer or shelf. This stops the clothes getting muddled up.

2 Use labels (with pictures as well as words) – helps the young ones to learn to identify where the clothes are.

3 Organising baskets are an instant way to make a shelf look tidy – plus ensures the categories stay separated.

Implementing these first 3 wardrobe organising tips will help your kids to learn that there should be one clear place to look for the item they want – and the clean clothes won’t be left spread on the floor! It will also make your (or hubbies!) life a bit easier when putting the washing away.

Of course not everyone has the strength to tackle this alone – so if you prefer to have someone there with you to help make these changes and more, then Clutterfly offers hands on sessions in home or virtual coaching sessions call 0402 055 543 to book


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