Clutterfly® was pleased to be the ambassador for Officeworks 

during the ‘Create the right workspace, for the right headspace’ campaign. officeworks

Click on each image below to view the Clutterfly® office hacks that Officeworks animated for their ‘little big ideas’ series.

Amazing non disappearing scissors

The Gadget Garage

Trouble free tape end finder

Here is a sneak peak of Clutterfly® filming pantry and toy organisation tips for the New Idea Website.




Click here logoto listen to Clutterfly® on 2UE Radio -Talking Lifestyle programme chatting with Tim Webster on tips to declutter & get organised Around The House.
Click below to listen to Clutterfly® on 2UE Radio chatting with Bill Woods about kicking off the decluttering so that you can start the new year feeling organised.
Click here to listen to Clutterfly® on 4GR Radio giving home and office workspace decluttering & organising tips.
Click here to listen to Clutterfly® talk about toy organisation as aired on Kinderling Digital Radio in June 2015Kinderling-Logo

Blog Contribution

I have contributed tips and thoughts that have been included in various blogs


National Organising Week - Volunteering

  • Developed & presented national AAPO campaign video tips –  ‘Work your wardrobe’ – scroll down for link to view the 5 videos
  • Organised the How to Get Organised community workshop
  • Supported bra collection for the Uplift Project
  • Integral on National Committee
  • Supported toy collection for Peninsular Toy Recyclers
  • Integral on National Committee
  • Blog on Benefit of an Organiser
AAPO National Organising Week 2016. ‘Work your Wardrobe’ video tips.

1 – Getting started

2 – Categorisation

3 – Accessories

4 – Kids Clothes

5 – Space Maximisation

Clutterfly is proud to support - Charity

Auction: Prize for charity event
Auction: Prize for – NSM hosted charity event
Auction: Prize for Hamlin Festula Hospital Ethiopia – NSM hosted charity event

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