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Georgie was fantastic to work with and did a great job of keeping me on track. We now have a workable system for all the paper and I’ll be getting her back soon to help with other household clutter. Highly recommended!

Yvette, Sydney

I finally felt that sense of relief you described after I just did our taxes from last year using our new Clutterfly way of filing.

Lawrence, North Shore

Thank you so very much for helping my daughter – it was the best gift I could have given her, she was delighted with the results & her husband was impressed – you are a real people helper.

Pam, Northern Beaches

I didn’t realise how much a visit from ‘Clutterfly’ would be worth. But the sanity, the calm and the organisation I have enjoyed after her visit, was the best therapy I have ever invested in.

Charlotte, North Shore

This is a service I wish I’d done years ago, now I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Georgie. She is the Beez-knees!!

Anne, North Sydney

Georgie was a wonderful help for me when I had to de-clutter to move overseas.

Emma, Eastern Suburbs

I can highly recommend Clutterfly. My husband and I run a business from home and our home office was in a state of disarray prior to Georgie coming over. We were up to our necks in paperwork and had no efficient way of moving paperwork through the office. It just kept piling up. Now, since having Georgie and Clutterfly, we have a well-organised, clutter-free office and both of us love working in there. Thanks to Georgie, we now have a really good system in place for invoices, bills and other mail and our business runs much more efficiently because of it. She gave us some invaluable tips to keeping a clutter-free space and we couldn’t have done it without her!

Natalie, Pennant Hills

My office is such a pleasure to work in now, the system is so easy. I feel like a liberated woman. Georgie is worth her weight in gold.

Jeanette, North Shore

Decluttering has enabled me to have time to enjoy life and not be hampered down by disorganisation.

Busy mum, Sydney

The Clutterfly touch has helped us put in place a system which allows my husband & I to better manage our paperwork & parenting loads.

Natasha, North Shore

After the first session with Georgie I felt like I’d won the Lotto –  a huge amount of stress has left my life

Busy Mum, Northern Beaches

Clutterfly was such a fantastic help..I am a time poor mum…Georgie & I worked as a team, moving from parts of the house I use all the time…to parts we hadn’t touched since we moved in. Georgie worked hard and still took time to work out what was important to us as a family….was efficient, fast working & helped get out house into a much more pleasant place to live.

Susie, Sydney

The biggest breakthrough was just making the appointment with Georgie…. now our lives and environment are more under control.

Julia, North Shore

I feel lighter & can see more space & I am motivated to continue – I feel more in control rather than the stuff controlling me!

Joan, Sydney

Georgie, thank you for your help this week, there is no way I could have done it without you. I can’t tell you how relieved I am now I don’t have all that paperwork hanging over my head. Even my son commented that I was exceptionally happy.

Naomi, North Shore

Had a wonderful day thanks soooo much for your organising know how and keeping it simple. Couldn’t get thru it without your guidance and bubbly non judgmental nature, I really appreciate it & it means a lot …OMG there’s space in my room!!!

Suzanne, Sydney

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