It was something that I never considered I could make money from. 

It wasn’t until I was clearing things out in preparation to move (always the best part of a move – the chance to de-clutter) – and yes I am only human, that I realised I had something to pass on. Something that I hear all the time with my clients is that they are holding on to things that they don’t  really need or don’t really want! This really begs the question ‘Why do you let it clutter up your home then?’ The most common answer is that I might need it one day so I I’ll hold onto it ‘just in case’. But really what I am hearing is that this cost me money and I don’t feel comfortable getting rid of it when it still works fine (it just doesn’t work for you! 🙂 If this sounds like you then I challenge you to think about the fact that you are kind of wasting it anyway if you don’t use it (or like it!) And really what’s the point of holding onto it until it actually becomes damaged and then really is rubbish? Is it because you feel better about getting rid of something that is broken? So how about you look at it from the other point of view? If you pass it on early (when it still works), not only have you free’d up the space that you needed sooner, but you have a chance to pass it on to someone who wants it. Check out Gumtree’s latest blog// it’s show some really interesting statistics and this is what got me thinking further about things of value that I might be holding onto. The fact that average Aussie could make $6 per year selling stuff was enough for me! If you need more encouragement watch this cool video.
For those clients that aren’t sure how to do it or might not be confident with computers then don’t worry I can help with that too! I can show you how to set up an account and manage the ad etc – my past life in advertising comes in handy sometimes 🙂 Even better I collaborate with someone who we can organise to do the whole thing for you. Take the photos, write the description, post the ad, manage the communication & organise the sale & exchange. Now you just need to start the de-cluttering so you can do the selling! What is one thing that you think you could sell on Gumtree if you really tried?

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